Website Optimization

"four 20% improvements in your website can lead to doubling profits"

Potential customers go through a multi-step journey before they convert. Each step conceals opportunities for improvement and we can help you capture these opportunities. Optimizing these steps is a compounding process where each improvement will add on to one another (see illustration below). Our team has extensive experience tailoring user experience for the biotech and research industry and can help you capture these user experience improvement opportunities.


Figure 1. small improvement in each conversion step adding up to significant improvement. 1.2 to the power of 4 is roughly 2.07. A good website is never built in one go but through a continuous improvement process. Have a good strategic partner for this is crucial for long term success. 


Example 1. top funnel traffic conversion improvement

One customer runs a variety of advertising campaigns including but not limited to emails, Google Ads, SEO etc. We performed a phrasing optimization project and tested 5 distinct writing style (some examples: looking technical, hints savings, reassuring etc.) and discovered that the “looking technical” style out performs the rest of the 5 by a large margin. After continuous AB testing, we were able to increase email open rates, ad click through rates and post engagement by 20-40% across all channels.

Example 2. search frustration exist

For ecommerce sites, the site search is one of the 3 core steps in the customer journey. Many companies are not happy with the way their search results are. One example from a case we worked on is, the search engine cannot recognize the fact that the query IL-2 is more relevant to the result IL-2 than it is to IL-22 and IL-2 receptor. These unsatisfactory queries constituted of 25% of all searches on the site initially. Not finding the expected results while searching is a highly detrimental experience to the potential customers (this was obvious when we looked at recorded web sessions of our client’s website. Yes, we can implement that for you as well if you work with us). Our team developed a fully customizable search relevance algorithm and were able to correct 99%+ of the client’s previously unsatisfactory searches. This is reduced dropout rate on search pages by 20% by our latest estimate. 

User experience improvement is a long term high return marketing practice that can benefit most companies. Finding a strategic partner with the right experience is crucial for it to succeed. Schedule a free consultation with us today to see what we can do for your company.